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Obesity has become a leading cause of deaths in contemporary culture. This is due to the prevalence of unhealthy foods that are available, and the couch potato lifestyle that technology helps create. Being out of shape creates a self-fulfilling cycle of staying home, sitting on the couch, watching TV, or being on the computer. As one becomes increasingly out of shape, there are feelings of shame and embarrassment that accompany the individual’s declining physical fitness. These inward feelings make a person less likely to want to socialize, for fear of being judged by others. The physical failures of obesity become emotional failures for the individual.

But really, I perceive that we are looking at the problem through the wrong lens. The fact is, society is becoming increasingly densely populated. Population booms are at all-time highs. There is literally elbow room left on city streets. So why then, I ask, is obesity a problem instead of a solution? The last thing society needs is to have herds of healthy people vying for space in the gyms, in the city parks, or even racing each other to the mountain tops? Really, think what would happen if the obese population became healthy? There would be an overflow of active population.

In order to manage the extreme population boom, it is necessary to depress a percentage of the population. The healthier population will be left with the physical space to be active. Furthermore, there will be the incentive to be healthy just because one does not want to be obese. If obesity disappears (literally), then we will not have it as a point of comparison from which the healthy fit population can derive superiority. It would destroy the healthy population if we tried to help the obese population become healthy. No one is trying to make healthy people obese, why should we make obese people healthy? The answer is that we should not—obesity serves a social need because it mediates population.

How does obesity mediate population? It does so in two ways: firstly, obesity keeps people unengaged, and isolated. This frees up the necessary space for healthy activities for healthy people. Furthermore, and most importantly, obesity is one of the leading causes of death. In this day and age of overpopulation, it is of value to have a “problem” that removes a percentage of the population at a reliable rate. It is truly just a matter of convenience and space that obesity is a positive solution to overpopulated spaces.

Moreover, who is to say that an obese person lacks quality of life? This is not for the healthy person to judge. The obese person, though constrained and forced into a predictive lifestyle devoid of activities, might be happy. But the obese person’s happiness is not as important as that of a healthy active person. The obese person simply won’t be around for as long, and therefore, the opinion of the obese lacks value.

In conclusion, I am writing this plea in order to persuade public funding to remove incentives for the obese population to become healthy. This is a counterproductive idea, and it must be stopped for the reasons described above. We will not have room for a perfectly healthy and fit society. We need obese people in order to keep the healthy population inspired to remain healthy. But, most critically, we must control longevity and life expectancy. Therefore, it is in our communal interest to allow, and encourage, obese persons to enjoy their gluttony. There just is not enough room for everyone to be healthy. It is only a matter of physical space that I am concerned for our futures. 


Objective: Write a Essay on a outrageous solution to solve common day to day events or life issues that society oversees on a constant basis.

This was mine..!

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